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Community Based Organization Partnerships:

Program Guide and Evaluation 2018

A Letter from the Executive Director

Staten Island Performing Provider System is pleased to release Community Based Organization Partnerships: Program Guide and Evaluation 2018. The report was developed in partnership with Staten Island community-based organizations. To request a copy of this report, please fill out your information (see form to your right).

Community Based Organization Partnerships: Program Guide and Evaluation 2018 describes how Staten Island PPS made an early commitment to identify, engage and create capacity with our community-based organization (CBO) partners through the New York State Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program. CBOs are often the most well recognized and trusted organizations in their neighborhoods, speak the languages and are culturally sensitive to the communities they serve.

The report also explains the impact on the population we serve, the healthcare workforce and the broader community. In many ways it reinforces the concept of neighborhood as the center of wellness activity and the need to broaden our definition of health care services to address social determinants of health (SDOH). Many of the individuals who benefited from the services described in the evaluation were adversely affected by many clinical conditions such as poorly managed CHF, co-occurring behavioral health conditions, obesity, asthma, and diabetes. But primarily these were individuals and families greatly impacted by social determinants of health – the culprit in many poor health outcomes.

This SDOH revelation had us refocus our attention away from what is wrong clinically to what is wrong from a social justice and community standpoint including housing, employment, safe neighborhoods, transportation, food deserts, domestic violence and their enormous impact on health outcomes. Staten Island PPS has reduced preventable utilization of emergency room and readmissions by over 50% in just three years. The integration of these CBO services is an integral part of these outcomes and our continued effort to engage those often left at the periphery of health care access.

For more information or questions about the report, please contact Celina Ramsey.

Thank you,

Joseph Conte, PhD
Executive Director
Staten Island PPS

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