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—Behavioral Health Initiatives—

Integración de la atención primaria y la salud del comportamiento

PPS behavioral health partners are incorporating medical assessments into their practices for all patients to ensure coordination of care for both services.

Staten Island PPS Initiatives

The ED Warm Handoff, EMS Healthlink, Project HOPE, and SI Connect are just a few of the behavioral health initiatives put into place by the PPS and partners. Click to read more about each of these initiatives.

Strengthening the Behavioral Health Infrastructure

Project 4.a.iii focuses on establishing and sustaining resources and partnerships to improve access to mental health & substance use disorder services and care for the community.

  • Improving linkages to behavioral health services
  • Providing integrative care
  • Reducing stigma and raising awareness about behavioral health wellness

Development of Withdrawal Management Services

Develop ambulatory withdrawal management (detox) services for substance use disorders (SUD), within community based addiction treatment programs to provide medical supervision and allow simultaneous/rapid transfer of stabilized patients into the associated SUD services.