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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources
Protect yourself and your family. Here you’ll find facts, links and information about COVID-19.


Find a COVID-19 Testing Site Near You

Volunteer for COVID-19 Prevention Clinical Study

If you’re interested in helping find a vaccine for COVID-19, click here to learn more about what a clinical study is and what to expect when you volunteer.

Other COVID-19 Resources

Below are links to our other COVID-related resources pages.


Resources for Veterans

Resources for Families

Resources for Older Adults

Behavioral Health Resources

Resources for Professionals

A Message from RUMC

A Message from Northwell Health

Telehealth Services During COVID-19

You can still take care of your health during this time. Most doctor’s are offering telehealth services by phone or video chat. You can find telehealth services near you. This video will show you what a telehealth visit looks like.


Local Social Determinant of Health Resources

Find local resources on Staten Island for food, housing, income, social isolation, child care, clothing, transportation, and safety. Be sure to call the organization ahead to get more information as hours and services may vary day-to-day.

Types of COVID-19 Testing

There are two types of tests available for COVID-19 that can detect whether a person had it in the past or whether they have it in the present.

Learn how antibody testing works with this graphic.