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Nutrition is a part of helping you and your family stay healthy. We know good nutrition can sometimes be difficult. Here you’ll find resource that will help you.

City Harvest Nutrition Program

City Harvest and the PPS are offering FREE hands-on cooking, nutrition classes, and grocery store workshops. You can learn how to shop for and cook healthy, delicious food for yourself and your family.

Rx For Food

The City Harvest Mobile Markets (CHMM) let community members living in specific zipcodes gather in farmers market settings, where they receive fresh produce and participate in cooking demonstrations to learn how to make healthy meals.

My Plate Food Challenge

Working with City Harvest, SIPCW helped host the My Plate Food Challenge. Eight local food establishments agreed to create plates using the USDA’s My Plate proportions: half vegetables or fruit, one-quarter starch, and one-quarter protein. Customers judged the plates while learning more about what a healthy plate looks like across various ethnicities.


How many teaspoons of sugar are you drinking? On average, 80% of children drink sugary drinks. Find out what sugary drinks you’re giving your children and what you can do to replace them.