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Substance Use Disorder

Substance Use Disorder issues include alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and prescription drug abuse. Substance use disorders (addiction) are common and can have negative side-effects. Opioid abuse is a huge problem on Staten Island leading to overdoses and deaths. To learn more about opioid use on Staten Island, visit our Staten Island Drug Prevention Portal.

Become a Certified Peer

Peers provide support and guidance to people on their journey to recovery. These trainings will help you learn how to become a certified peer.

Types of Treatment

Learn about the different types of treatment and the difference between inpatient, outpatient, individual, and group counseling.

Combatting Addiction

Use these tools and resources to learn about addiction so that you can help someone in need. Remember, there is help and recovery is possible.

Support Groups and Resource Centers

You are not alone. Find resource centers and support groups near you to help you or a loved one with substance use needs.

Talk to Your Family

It isn’t easy to talk to your family about heroin and opioid use. Use the OASAS Kitchen Table Toolkit to learn how to initiate the conversation.

Talk to Your Children

Know when to to take action. Learn the signs of substance misuse and how to stop it before it starts with these resources.

NYC Well

Connect to free and confidential behavioral health support. You can text, call or chat with a counselor 24/7/365.

Stop Prescription Drug Misuse

Protect your children. Use these resources to learn the facts about prescription drug misuse and how to prevent misuse early on.

Understanding Your Insurance

This helpful video will help you understand your benefits. Learn the common terms you will hear when seeking coverage for services.